First Morning in Bali

First morning in Bali! Wow, it is an epic trip to get here from California, but so well-worth it when surrounded by this beauty.

The first leg of the trip, from SFO to Taipei, was on a plane that China Airlines must have had in service since before the cultural revolution. In the safety video, the voice said “please do not use your cellular telephones or CB radios (!!) until instructed”. Excuse me…CB radios? What decade are we in? And I was so looking forward to connecting with all of my Chinese trucker friends on the flight!

xie xie, good buddy.

Also, it is clear that China Airlines feels that 3 inches of leg-room is ample. The guy in front of me essentially reclined into my lap for the better part of 13 hours! Since I couldn’t really see the one blurry screen towards the front of the plane (that I believe was showing a movie from circa. 1987) I put the blanket that they gave me over my head, american burka-style, and then listened to the audiobook of Game of Thrones as we flew through the night towards paradise.

A bowl of congee in the Taipei airport, while having a 3 hour layover and before a 5 hour flight to Bali (on a brand new, all amenities included China Airlines flight…go figure) was warming to heart and belly. Inexplicably, they only offered darjeeling or earl grey tea at the airport.

Still, after close to 30 hours, door to door, I am at the splendid Anahata Resort, located in the hills of Ubud, amidst rice fields and the verdant jungle. Spectacular doesn’t quite do justice in describing the surroundings. The air is thick with the intoxicating scents of foliage and flowers that I have never seen before, much less know the names of.

Woke up at 4am to practice yoga under the pyramid-shaped thatched roof of the yoga room, then sat with my mom (the supreme travel companion) on the open-air deck of the veranda, drinking taiwanese oolong (baochong) and watching the first rays of morning catch on the jungle and throw prisms of light in all directions. Something has to be very right in this world to allow for such sublime beauty.

I am really happy to be here…


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