Sanskrit in Tokyo!!

I’ll be leaving on May 13th to teach Sanskrit and yoga philosophy in Tokyo. I’m pretty excited. This will be my second time back to Japan within a year. I lived in Japan for close to 2 years at the end of the 1980s. Even with the unstoppable flow of modernization, Japan has lost none of its charm for me. It is still easy to slip into a bygone world and a connection with nature that is truly soul-nurturing (**the picture above is Tokyo, c. 1890 during cherry blossom season). Plus, you can get just about anything you can think of out of a vending machine! 🙂

The Sanskrit/ Philosophy weekend will take place on May 22nd and 23rd and will dovetail with my close friends Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty’s teacher training. Sanskrit classes will be held at Prana Power Yoga Studio in Ebisu.

I’m very much looking forward to getting to see old friends and meeting a new group of students. Japanese students have a dedication to yoga practice that is very inspiring and a natural delight that is joyous to be around.

Other than teaching, I’m very much looking forward to visiting Kyoto for a couple of days of relaxation. Hand-made soba! A true wonder of the world. I’m also looking forward to visiting Yamanien tea farm in Shizuoka. Yamanien makes some of the world’s best Japanese green tea. Tale has it that the royal family drinks Yamanien’s highest quality sencha. I’ve been ordering green tea from them here in the states. It will be great to go and visit.

My mom is coming with me on this trip. She is a world traveler, yogini and human-being extraordinaire. Having her come along kicks up the excitement factor exponentially.

I’ll be blogging along the way, perhaps talking more about finding exceptional ramen and rice crackers than Sanskrit, but you never know…


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  1. Berrien (Doll) Smith
    May 04, 2010 @ 10:28:33

    Sounds like fun!! Keep us posted on your trip–and all the secrets you discover.


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